Balls Send Us Round The Bend When Wrapping Presents

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balls send us round the bendNew research released today by Royal Mail reveals that The Beautiful Game is the biggest foe at Christmas, as a ball tops the league of the most difficult presents to gift-wrap.

The Royal Mail study - which asked over 2,000 people across the UK to choose the items they felt were the hardest to wrap - found that humble ball was the most challenging for over a sixth (15.6%).

It was followed closely by a bottle (11.5%), teddy bear (10.3%) and lamp (4.6%) as items most likely to leave us crying into ripped wrapping paper. Royal Mail commissioned the research ahead of the last posting date for First Class mail on Wednesday 21 December.

The top ten most difficult presents to wrap are:

Ball (15.6%)

Bottle (11.5%)

Teddy bear (10.3%)

Lamp (4.6%)

Ornament (4.5%)

Round tin of sweets (4.4%)

Racket (4%)

Golf club (3.5%)

Handbag (2.8%)

Large bowl such as a fruit bowl (2.8%)

Age and location plays a factor in dictating which items people found the most difficult to master. Those aged between 18 and 34 year-olds admitted that they find a bottle the biggest hurdle, while those over 35 years-old felt that a ball was the worst item to tackle. People in Wales (23%) and Yorkshire (14%) struggle the most with a bottle.

To help alleviate the stress this festive period, Royal Mail has partnered with gift wrapping expert, Jane Means, to show how you can wrap tricky items without scoring an own goal. Jane, who features in a special video, demonstrates a hat-trick of gift wrapping techniques – gather, pleat and pillow – that can be used to wrap any present.

Jane Means, who has wrapped presents on behalf of the Queen, said: “Christmas can be such a manic time that wrapping presents can sometimes feel like a chore. But it needn’t be! I want to help people so that the act of wrapping becomes as enjoyable as opening them.

“I’m not surprised that a ball has been highlighted as the hardest-to-wrap present. Not only do you have to contend with the spherical shape, but it also quite a cumbersome object that can roll off the table. My top tip for this, and any other tricky presents, is to keep it simple and stick to three simple techniques – gather, pleat and pillow. By following these methods you can wrap any present from a lamp to a large bowl.”

Stephen Agar, Managing Director, Consumer and Network Access, Royal Mail, said: “With Christmas just over a week away, thoughts are now turning to wrapping. It can be daunting being faced with an array of different shaped and sized presents. We hope that these quick and simple techniques will help alleviate any stress and make the process part of the exciting build up to Christmas.”

Watch Jane demonstrate the gather, pleat and pillow gift-wrapping techniques here:

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