Captain Birds Eye Named Nation's Most Recognised Food Icon

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Captain Birds Eye Named Nation's Most Recognised Food IconWith his white bushy beard and taste for adventure, Captain Birds Eye has been named Britain’s most recognised food icon of the 21st Century. The famous seafarer fought off stiff competition from other popular food characters, including the Milky Bar Kid, Uncle Ben and the Jolly Green Giant to sail into the top spot.

In celebration of the Captain’s 50th anniversary, Birds Eye has unveiled a seven-foot golden statue of the sea-faring explorer to mark the momentous occasion. The commemorative statue was on display at Cutty Sark Gardens in Greenwich – the site of the famous British Clipper ship – a location fit for the master of the seas.

Standing at over 7ft tall and 11 stone in weight, the statue captures the lovable icon’s wink and sees him proudly holding aloft Birds Eye’s most iconic product, a fish finger. Made from a mixture of plaster, polystyrene and Jesmonite, it took 180 hours to create in preparation of the Golden Jubilee, and is the first time the famous seafarer has been immortalised as a full-size statue during his 50 years of service.

Having made his debut in 1967, a total of five actors have played the role of Captain Birds Eye in the UK, making him one of the longest-running brand personalities since food advertising began. The jolly sea captain has been a staple of British homes ever since and new research* has named Captain Birds Eye as the most recognised food icon.

The nation’s most iconic food brand characters:

1 Captain Birds Eye (29%)

2 Milky Bar Kid (23%)

3 Milk Tray Man (14%)

4 Jolly Green Giant (6%)

5 Snap, Crackle & Pop (5%)

6 Uncle Ben (3%)

7 Captain Morgan (3%)

8 Chewie the Chewitsauraus (2%)

9 Pepperami (1%)

10 George the Hoffmeister Bear (1%)

Steve Challouma, UK Marketing Director at Birds Eye, said: “After 50 years of service, it’s great to see that Captain Birds Eye is still the nation’s most iconic food character. He is a huge part of the brand’s heritage and there’s no better way to commemorate this momentous anniversary than with a golden statue of the seafarer himself.”

To mark the Captain’s Golden Jubilee, Birds Eye is launching special celebratory packs from 4th September, giving people the opportunity to win a limited-edition Captain Birds Eye soft toy every 10 minutes by visiting and entering a code found on-pack. Fans can also join in on the Captain’s 50th anniversary fun by downloading a Birds Eye lens on Snapchat, transforming users into the Captain himself, complete with a white bushy beard and naval outfit. Users can also try it with a friend and become a fish finger or Captain Birds Eye.

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