Police Caught Nearly 2,000 Drink Drivers In Hampshire 2016

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With Christmas party season in full swing, no doubt drivers in the South East are looking forward to letting loose and celebrating with friends and family with a few of their favourite tipples.

But it is this time of year where drivers should be especially careful when planning their night, as drink-driving continues to plague the region. New research by, the driver savings site, reveals that 5,411 motorists in the South East failed breathalyser tests in 2016(1), and a whopping 57,255 in total across the UK. And December was a particularly risky time on the road, with 491 drivers caught drink-driving during this time.

Although, some motorists in the South East are bigger culprits than the others, as the data reveals those in Thames Valley account for the highest percentage of the offences for the region.

Number of failed breathalyser tests in 2016 in the South East, broken down by police force

Police force

Number of drivers

Thames Valley






But it isn’t just drivers heading home after a night out who have been found guilty of the offence. In fact, the research found that almost a fifth (18%) of motorists in the South East admit they have driven the morning after a night out, despite thinking they might still be over the legal limit.

So, to help drivers keep a tab on the effect of their alcohol consumption this Christmas,’s morning-after calculator allows users to input their drink of choice, how many glasses they have had, and when they stopped drinking, to estimate when their body will be free of alcohol.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “Many drivers look forward to a drink at Christmas time and the majority wait at least overnight before getting behind the wheel. But it’s evident that alcohol can still be in your system after a few hours’ kip.

“Knowing how many drivers fall into this trap, particularly at this time of year, has created a morning-after calculator that gives an idea as to how much alcohol is still in your system, and how long it typically takes to leave your body.

“Drink driving is a dangerous and punishable offence, which can seriously impact the safety of our roads and put other road users at risk. Not only this, but it can land drivers with a fine, or even a driving ban, which can have a negative impact on their car insurance premiums. To avoid getting caught out, we suggest drivers stop drinking early if they know they have to get behind the wheel in the morning, but the best advice would be to avoid drinking alcohol at all.”

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