When Will The John Lewis Christmas Ad Be Released On TV?

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When Will The John Lewis Christmas Ad Be Released On TV?With Halloween behind us, our thoughts turn to 'that time of year' and the question is - when will we see the John Lewis Christmas advert on tv?

The retailer's Christmas advert has become a festive must-see with Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer biting at their heels in the Christmas campaign world.

From trampolining Boxer dogs to love-struck penguins, the adverts have had us both laughing and in tears and in just a few days time it is set to do it all again.

The company is remaining tight-lipped about the scheduled release date but judging by previous years, many predict the advert will be teased this Thursday, 2nd November and will air on television on Friday, 3rd November.

No-one knows yet what song will be used in the advertisement but it is worth remembering that the artist tends to chart highly in the UK singles chart following the advertisment release. This has led to fevered speculation about which song will be covered this year. Many are predicting a tribute to George Michael following his untimely death on Christmas day 2016.

Will we need a hanky?


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