Railway Crossing Causing Concerns Again

  • Written by Staff Reporter

The Level Crossing at Kimbridge

The level crossing at Kimbridge has been causing more concerns for drivers after some have reported seeing trains hurtling toward them before the barriers have been activated.

The crossing has been criticised in the past for not closing at all when trains are passing through and also for remaining closed for long periods of time after a train has passed, in some instances requiring engineers to arrive to fix them.

A spokesman for Network Rail said “This is an automatic crossing triggered by trains running across a treadle some distance from the road.”

He continued, telling Andover & Villages: “There is a long straight section of track leading up to the crossing, stretching for almost 2-miles in one direction. That means it will be normal for drivers to be able to see the train coming before it triggers the crossing sequence."

"Interestingly, train drivers have the same experience from another perspective, so it is a well-known phenomenon at Kimbridge.”

This has been a concern for a number of people, we have already received numerous comments about the crossing. However it appears that it is safe for drivers to notice trains approaching as they drive through.

In relation to the longer period of time between the barriers closing and a train passing from the other direction Network Rail said: “Crossing triggers are designed to be far enough away to give a standard minimum warning time for the fastest train - so the slower the train the longer the wait.Trains that stop at Mottisfont and Dunbridge will trigger the sequence some while before they reach the crossing as they accelerate away from the stop. Hence, drivers will wait longer than if a fast train was coming through.”


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