King's Somborne Students Become Journalists For a Day

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Caroline Nokes MP at King's Somborne Primary School

Year 6 students from King's Somborne Primary School took on the role of journalists this morning when local MP Caroline Nokes joined them in class to answer their questions.

The children have been learning about the role of parliament in recent weeks and their questions demonstrated the considerable knowledge they had gained, with questions arising on subjects ranging from the dress-code in the chamber to Syria, encouraging people to vote and prime ministerial remuneration.

Spending about 90 minutes in the classroom, Caroline was applauded for giving honest answers to some of the difficult questions the children we asking, while the staff also joined in with views on current education policy.

When asked about how often she speaks in debates, Caroline explained that she prefers to speak on subjects she has a particular knowledge on, particularly on matters of rural communities and related environmental issues. She then discussed with the children how important she feels subjects such as home economics are in enabling young people to leave education with important skills, something the teachers in the room appeared to agree with.

Moving on to matters in the House, Caroline describes the 'mad rush' that MPs face to get a good seat for Prime Ministers Question Time on a Wednesday afternoon, telling the children that by ensuring her prayer card is in place on the back-benches and attending the important prayer service, the seat is hers for the afternoon. 

Caroline was also asked a question which often causes elected officials to go quiet, "How successful do you think you have been as an MP?" Today though, there is a quick and triumphant answer to the question as Caroline has ensured that 100% of the constituents who have so far asked for her help during the dramatic passport delay saga have received their passports in time to travel - with one constituent sending Caroline a picture of herself embarking a cruise ship at midday after receiving her passport at 9am. 

The subject then turns to the big political story of the month, the Trojan Horse Scandal. Caroline explains to the children that the Education Select Committee on which she sits will be undertaking an enquiry in the hope of shedding some light on exactly what occurred in the affected schools. 

After the question and answer session Caroline was invited to tour the school's magnificent eco-garden, where various crops are grown as well as the new chickens, which provide eggs for parents and therefore essentially paying for themselves.

After a fascinating morning for the children Caroline left to travel to Westminster for Education questions, a statement on the situation in Iraq and a vote at 10pm.



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