Application For 365 Homes In North Baddesley To Go Before Councillors

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romsey news | application for 365 homes in north baddesley to go before concillors | romsey & villagesAn application to build a huge housing estate between Chandler's Ford and North Baddesley will go before councillors at the Southern Area Planning Committee tomorrow at Crosfield Hall.

The plan submitted by Gladman, is for 365 new homes including 40% affordable housing, informal public open space and structural planting.

The proposed site for the estate is Thorn Hill off Flexford Road, however, the site forms part of the 'green' gap between the parishes so it has not been identified in the Test Valley Borough Council's local plan as suitable for development.

There has been a huge amount of opposition to the application from residents and council planners alike, many feel the area has had enough development recently and others are concerned the Flexford Road is too narrow to cope with the increase in traffic.

A worried resident told Romsey & Villages: "we have had enough of it here to be honest, new homes have been slowly but surely built up around us and we don't want a 'Legoland' housing estate packed into this space."

Gladman state: “In order to deliver the level of housing required across the borough, Valley Park will be required to accommodate additional growth and it is inevitable that this will have to be sited outside of the village boundary resulting in some loss of open countryside/agricultural land.”

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