The Harvest Moon Will Shine Tonight

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harvest moon tonightThe Harvest Moon is taking place today, Thursday, October 5th.

The annual Harvest moon will appear brighter and a striking orange colour as it looms large in our Autumnal night skies.

The Harvest Moon is one of the most well-known Full Moon names. It falls nearest to the autumnal equinox which took place on 22nd September.

The Harvest Moon usually occurs in September but every few years, it happens in October.

It is called the Harvest Moon because in days gone by it would light up the night sky helping farmers to harvest their crops.

Experts have said that the moon will be most visible from 6.40pm tonight with it being at its brightest at 7.40pm. Visibility will depend on the weather and cloud coverage. Currently, the BBC weather has forecast good visibility for Thursday evening.

If you happen to take a snap of the Harvest Moon tonight, we would love to see it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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