Bell Street Improvment Costs To Rise By 180K

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Romsey News | Bell Street Improvment Costs To Rise By 18KThe works on Bell Street in Romsey town centre have hit a setback which will require extra funds to complete the upgrades.

The costings for the project were set at £872,000, however, it has since been realised the entire drainage system was in a 'worse state than anticipated' and will need to be replaced. This has increased the cost to £1.052M.

Hampshire County Council Executive Member for environment and transport, Cllr Humby has approved the increase.

The money will be taken from the council's Market Town Fund.

Works commenced on Bell Street at the beginning of September.

The scheme is aimed at improving the overall accessibility to the area by widening the existing footways and resurfacing them in York stone, in keeping with the recent improvements in Church Street.

The carriageway will be narrowed in order to reduce vehicles speeds and the footway and carriageway will be at one level to aid accessibility.

There will be a raised crossing at the entry to Bell Street and Broadwater Road to act as a gateway to Bell Street.

Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Roy Perry, said: "The additional funding from the County Council’s Market Town Fund not only means that work on the Bell Street scheme can be done in two phases, avoiding the busy Christmas trading period so that retailers are not affected, but we are taking the opportunity to bring forward planned improvements to the drainage in the area at the same time, helping Romsey become more resilient to the impact of severe weather. The overall scheme is still on schedule to be completed in the original time frame of Spring 2018.

"The scheme to enhance Bell Street is part of a package of improvements for Romsey, designed to help the Town Centre become a more vibrant and attractive place to visit. However, I understand the disruption building a scheme such as this can cause and I have always promised that these works will be carried out with as little interruption to local people as possible.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience while the works are carried out and assure local people that once these are finished, Romsey will become an even more vibrant and busy Market Town for everyone to enjoy and be proud of.”

Work started in Bell Street an 4 September and will continue until 24 November, at which time Bell Street will be open up for vehicles and pedestrians in time for the annual winter carnival and Christmas light switch on. Work will then start again on 5 January 2018 until the spring 2018.

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