Police Warning To Residents Following Two Burglaries In Same Lane

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Police Warning To Residents Following Two Burglaries In Same LanePolice are warning residents that there has been two burglaries in the last week in Halterworth Lane, Romsey.

The first was discovered on Saturday 7th October. Burglars had entered the house via an unlocked back door at some point over the course of Friday 6th night and early morning of that Saturday.

Jewellery was taken from a drawer in the hallway and £200 in cash.

The second burglary happened between 09.45 and 14.15 on Friday 13th October. Burglars forced entry through a utilty room door by kicking out the bottom panel.

All rooms were searched and ransacked, all drawers had been emptied on to beds and a substantial amount of expensive jewellery was stolen.

If you have any information about either case, please contact the police on 101 quoting reference numbers: 44170388916 or 44170398082.

In the meantime, residents are reminded to take extra care to ensure you close and lock all your windows and doors when left unattended.

Use timer switches to make your property look occupied.

Ensure all valuables are kept out of view from windows and report any suspicious behaviour to the Police.

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