Police Investigate North Baddesley Burglary

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Police Investigate North Baddesley BurglaryPolice are investigating a burglary in North Baddesley.

Thieves forced their way into the home in West Lane via the patio on the 7th November between 10.30am abd 12.10.

Watches were stolen.

If you saw or heard anything suspicious between the time above please contact 101 quoting ref no. 44170433937.

If you believe a crime is in progress please call 999.

Below is some burglary prevention advice

Ensure your jewellery is insured and kept in an insurance-rated safe, which is well hidden and secured to the floor or wall. Contact your insurance company for guidance on safety deposit box storgae options.

Nearly all banks have stopped this service, but the State Bank of India still offers a deposit box scheme, for its' customers only. However, branches only tend to be found in cities where there is a high Asian population, but if travel is not a problem, it is worth investigating.

Ensure that your property is fully secured. Take this opportunity to look around your property and consider improving any areas of poor security.

Don’t be tempted to leave ground floor windows open at night when you are asleep.

Make sure your home is kept secure at all times. Use window and door locks, as well as timers that switch lights on to make your home look occupied.

If you have a house alarm, set it at night and when you leave your property.

As with other valuables, do not leave jewellery on display.

Photograph your jewellery. Place your valuables against a plain background with a ruler next to it to give an idea of size. Also take a photo of yourself with the jewellery, so you can prove it has been in your possession.

Register your property on a free national property register

Dont advertise your jewellery with photographs on social media.

Don't advertise your time away from home on social networking sites, and regularly review your security settings.

If you keep a lot of high-valued jewellery at home, consider investing in a monitored alarm system.

You might want to use a forensic marking solution to identify your jewellery. You should check with a specialist before marking antique jewellery.

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