Hampshire Police Issue Warning To Christmas Shoppers

  • Written by Editor

With Christmas a month away Hampshire Police would like to remind the public of some simple things you can do to protect yourself against criminals that are looking to take advantage of the busy streets this time of year.

When Shopping:

Make sure your handbag is closed and position it so a pick-pocket would find it difficult to get into without you knowing.

Try and keep wallets in an inside pocket and out of sight from a potential pick-pocket. Use purse/wallet cables provided by Hampshire Constabulary - you can find these in some businesses or at your local Police Station.

Be aware of the people around you and people getting unnecessarily close to you.

Be aware that some criminals may try to distract you in order to take your belongings.

Never leave a bag unattended in a trolley, even if for a couple of seconds.

Police will be working hard over the Christmas period to protect you from opportunistic criminals.

If you witness anybody attempting to steal or acting suspiciously please report this on 101

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