Break-Ins At Romsey Allotments

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Romsey News | Romsey Allotments Break In Police are asking allotment owners to check their patch following an overnight break in.

It is thought that at least 20 sheds have been broken into at Romsey Allotments opposite the Romsey Rapids.

The thieves struck sometime between Sunday 26th November and Monday 27th November.

It is currently unclear what if anything has been taken.

If you heard anything or have any information contact the police on 101.

If you own an allotment you should check for damage and report anything missing.

The police have issued the following advice:

Set up an Allotment Association if you don’t belong to one

Perimeter fencing at your site needs to be up to 2 metres in height and sound. If you increase the height above 2 metres you are advised to seek advice your local planning authority. Repair any holes or opportunities to crawl underneath. Overhanging tree limbs which aid climbing should be removed too.

When considering new fencing if possible avoid chain link which is inherently weak. Weld mesh is preferable.

Whilst hedgerows are a good deterrent (especially thorn bearing varieties), keep height around the entrance to the site at waist height to aid visibility.

Consider the positions of stores and sheds. Can a thief breaking in be seen from neighbouring properties or by passing cars and pedestrians?

Shed alarms or a wireless alarm can be a useful deterrent. However, this is only recommended if it is audible by neighbouring properties or passing pedestrians.

Site’s stores made from metal are recommended which may be more robust than wood. Reclaimed cargo containers are a consideration.

The padlock should have a closed shackle and the locking mechanism is shrouded to prevent cutting or leverage.

Display weatherproof signage warning criminals that property on the site is marked and traceable. Undertake a "Property Marking Weekend" for your members. Mark all your property with a UV marker pen, indelible ink, and engraving or DNA forensic marker product.

Ensure your Property serial numbers are registered on a secure national property register with

Periodically change the gate lock.

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