Netflix Users Targeted By An Email Scam

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netflix scam alertCyber security experts are warning Netflix customers of a new email scam attempting to trick them into handing over their credit card details.

Users are being sent a convincing-looking email that claims to have been sent by Netflix.

The message, which has the subject line “Payment declined”, contains the Netflix logo. “Netflix” is also listed as the name of the sender.

However, it is in fact a well-designed fake.

The message reads: We attempted to authorize the Amex card you have on file but were unable to do so.

We will automatically attempt to charge your card again within 24-48 hours. Update the expiry date and CVV (card verification value) for your Amex card as soon as possible so you can continue using it with your account.

The email also features a prominent 'Update Payment' button which if pressed will take you to a maliciousl website but still looks like an official Netflix page.

Mailguard have said: "The phishing page is designed to operate like a legitimate login portal,” it says. “It asks for card details and password verification, then ejects the scam victim to a real Netflix page to allay suspicion.”

Netflix says it will never ask customers to send any of their personal details, such as payment information or passwords, over email.

“Never enter your login or financial details after following a link in an email or text message. If you’re unsure if you’re visiting our legitimate Netflix website, type directly into your web browser,” the company says.

If you think you have received a fake email that claims to have been sent by Netflix, you can report it at Netflix’s Help Center.

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